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A versatile, easy printing, direct-print and transfer ink. For light and medium-colored shirts. Soft hand prints.

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Plus-2011 Lemon Yellow
Ultrasoft H.S. Lemon Yellow
Price: $58.13 

Plus-2041 Golden Yellow
Ultrasoft H.S. Golden Yellow
Price: $63.51 

Plus-2051 Orange
Ultrasoft H.S Orange
Price: $73.20 

Plus-3006 Brite Red
Ultrasoft H.S. Brite Red
Price: $81.80 

Plus-3011 Scarlet Red
Ultrasoft H.S Scarlet Red
Price: $75.34 

Plus-3015 Cardinal Red
Ultrasoft H.S Cardinal Red
Price: $73.17 

Plus-3021P Lo Crock Flag Red
Ultrasoft H.S Lo Crock Flag Red
Price: $75.24 

Plus-3030 Maroon
Ultrasoft H.S Maroon
Price: $57.39 

Plus-4025 Deep purple
Ultrasoft H.S Deep Purple
Price: $73.19 

Plus-5005 Brite Blue
Ultrasoft H.S Brite Blue
Price: $63.51 

Plus-5035 Royal Blue
Ultrsoft H.S. Royal Blue
Price: $63.43 

Plus-5040 Navy Blue
Ultrasoft H.S. Navy Blue
Price: $63.42 

Plus-6006 Brite Green
Ultrasoft H.S. Brite Green
Price: $67.93 

Plus-6021 Dark Chrome Green
Ultrasoft H.S Dark Chrome Green
Price: $67.93 

Plus-6091 Kelly Green
Ultrasoft H.S Kelly Green
Price: $67.93 

Plus-7031 Sienna Brown
Ultrasoft H.S Sienna Brown
Price: $55.39 

Plus-8000 Black
Ultrasoft H.S Black
Price: $49.81 
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